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The big issue here is why do you want to get fit?

Why oh why do we do things just because its the trend or we’ve seen it on our fb newsfeed from most of our friends? Basically, I am here tell something to your brain so that it might have an awakening… “Why would I want to lose some fats from this belly of mine?” I mostly talked about purpose and reasons that’s why I want this to be posted here.

Please have a Purpose!

For without a purpose you have no destination, whatever you are doing or want to start doing, please find a reason behind it. Because purpose will be your anchor. I am over-reacting here, yeah! You need a purpose man!


1. Purpose serves as an Anchor

I will tell you, I started lifting dumbels way back 1998, and its easy to start but its hard to continue! when the going gets touch and you do not know why you started in the first place, you will surely give up, tap out and go back to the old habits. PURPOSE serves as an anchor my friend. When your muscles starts to ache and your bones and tendons starts to yell at your workout you will need an anchor so that you will not be swayed away by the winds of pain.

Then add to your winds the busyness of your sked, if your a mom add to the distractions for working the chores you need to deliver to your family, then again I am saying, you need a PURPOSE!

2. Purpose is your Navigation System

You do not need to be in place you do not want to be right? But this does not happen automatically, many people who wants to get fit never arrives to the destination they first decided to go to. Example is a guy who wants to go to the gym to get fit ofcourse and end up getting hooked by the peers he met from the gym the led him soon astray from his original motive. Know your purpose. Do not turn to the left or to the right! If you have a clear solid purpose, you can push yourself straight! Sense of direction everytime you are giving effort to your health and fitness.

3. Purpose will push you to Keep Going

Never give up, push yourself to the limit, don’t look back and get discouraged! These word will only make sense to you if you have a purpose for your training. Keep calm yet keep going. Its so hard motivate someone who do not have a purpose or do not understand his or her purpose. Its one thing to know and another thing to understand… I hope you clearly understand why you do what you do, why you train… because it will be easier for us from capsi to motivate and empower you if you have a purpose.

WOAH-KAY…(I mean OK!, just to make it more interesting, I am a writer here right?!)

Here are some photos of our friends here in the Capsi Community to make inspire more to do more for your health and body. They are real people like me and you who wants to be fit and be more healthy. We want you to be engage in a community who are passionate for fitness and health. We are here to educate you about fitness, to empower and push and motivate your and also introduce you to quality supplements that will make you more healthy and fit. These people know their PURPOSE and they understand it.

“After my total transformation, I’ve decided that I’m not going back to my sedentary lifestyle and I have to maintain my nee life routine. Thanks to Capsinesis for making it easier for me to keep up with my new passion – to be fitter and healthier’ – Mommy Osie Nebreja”

“I just wanna share my improvement…thanks capsinesis,,,since i take it hnd na bumalik ung dti kong ktwan…i thankful kc nalaman q tong gamot na to,,,nregular pa ung monthly period koh,,thanks capsinesis…love it…”



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