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Learning Consistency in life.

It’s always easy to start something new. Anybody can start working out tomorrow, decide to start jogging tomorrow mornin or do a new exercise. But only a few people are able to go on until Day#96 or something. We people are mostly driven by two things; first, by our emotions or feelings. When you feel good you can simply go on, but if not then end of story… end of the journey. It is so easy to start and much easier to quit. Let me share with you some of my insight regarding this word “consistency”.

If you want to understand this word “consistency” simply hear and think about this word… “religion”. Consistency is like being religious, I’ve seen a lot of religious people here in the Philippines, rain or shine they are in the church, most of these religious people are the old folks. They are “devoted”. They will die for what they believed. So what can we learn from these? — Golden Principles for Consistency!

1. Have Cleary Mind to What You Want to Achieve

Clear out your mind. How? — simply make a DECISION. Make a choice to get that future image of a healthy you. Get the clear image in your mind of that future slim, hot body you are desiring at this moment. The Clear mind will make you more at ease and relax as you go day to day towards your health and fitness goals. You can put a picture of your ideal look. Have a concrete statement of what you want to achieve, this is the first thing you must settle to become consistent.

2. Train your Thoughts to Stay Positive

As you work on towards the path you have chosen, keep on thinking the positive side of everything. Negative thoughts will surely hinder your progress. This is the time you need to train your brain into thinking only positive thoughts. As you train your body for the new lifestyle, your brain is the first one that must be trained. Teach your brain to overlook negative thoughts and situations that will come your way. To a Religious Devoted Person, no matter how big is your negative words towards their belief, they will simply ignore your arguments, they are ready to die to what they are believing in to. Learn this mental strength. To be consistent with your gym nights and work outs, train your mental strength also. Be firm to your decision. Stand strong when the waves of negativity start to approach you.

3. Embrace the Process

Nothing great happened overnight. Go slow and low. Know that slow is good. Change happens daily not just for an event. Build up your consistency slowly each day that is passing. Record your days. Realize that there are no shortcuts to success. People who took the shortcuts actually got lost in the wilderness and never came to their destination. Good products came from a great process of treatment and timing. The key here is to love the process. The rewards are not on destination, it’s the process! The beauty of the journey is the day-to-day happenings. Love the normal daily routines, learn to be in love with it. The normal days are not normal, it is lovely and beautiful! One of the most rewarding moments in life is when you are able to see yourself slowly improving on something. Have a strategy for failure, be ready to bounce back. Be a realist. It’s easier to be consistent first at a small task than a big one.

4. Maintain the Consistency you are Achieving

As the days passed by, your new habits are formed by now. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a small change in your lifestyle, maintain it! Keep it with you like a precious possession. It’s like gathering the fruits of the harvest field one by one and keeping it inside your personal bag. Little by little you can now scale-up your motivation. The small steps and the slow process can now start to pick up some speed, little by little you can now achieve more as the days passed by.


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