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Ever felt the burning sensation in your throat down to your stomach after a spicy meal? Imagine indulging on your favourite ramyeon while binge-watching KDrama, a bowl of steaming Singaporean seafood laksa, or even as simple as your local chili oil to top your siomai and sharksfin for that #StudyanteStarterPack. O teka, kalma. Mukhang pinagpapawisan ka na diyan sa kinakain mo, ha? Alam mo ba kung bakit? Sa tingin mo, nakabubuti ba ito?

Let’s find out!

Whether you’re on a seafood (I see food and eat it) diet or not, if chili has become part of every meal and you are blessed to have acquired such high tolerance on spicy food, you are sure to nod your head on this article. Yes, chili is life. Chili IS a way of life. Don’t worry. We gotchu, fam.

Pampagana, pampasarap, pampalasa lalo ng mga ordinaryong hinahain sa araw-araw. But there’s more to sili o siling labuyo than what meets the eye—err, the taste buds. Nakakababa rin ito ng ating cholesterol levels at makatutulong sa pag-iwas ng hypertension. Ano pa? Nai-improve nito ang daloy ng dugo sa ating katawan. Thus, cayenne pepper prevents blood clots. Ang sensory nerves, syempre, ay kasama rin sa proseso. Nakagagamot ang siling ito sa rheumatism and arthritis.

Told ya, it ain’t your ordinary pepper.

With healthy diet and exercise, proper intake of Capsinesis assists weight loss as it speeds up your metabolism. A capsule crushes your cravings, cleanses your body (#detox), and boosts your energy. Hence, you achieve maximum strength to train better and longer!

Kung kinaya mo ang “Spicy Noodle Challenge,” kayanin mo rin kaya ang “Fit Filipino (FitFil) Challenge” nina Coach Toni at Jim? Experience the healthy transformation with the benefits brought by Capsinesis!

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