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Always on the go? Instant noodles? Instant oatmeal? Instant coffee in the morning? Sounds familiar to some of us that even the writer is guilty. Oops.
Morning rush—palaging naghahabol, inaabutan ng gutom sa daan. Ikaw ba ‘to?
Say no more! We compiled tips and recipes to keep you at ease on your work week!


What better way to kickstart the week other than P-A-N-C-A-K-E-S!

Prepare your pancake batter the night before. Refrigerate and fry in the morning.

Opt for fresh fruits to top your pancakes instead of pouring a mouthful of syrup.

Fruits boost the flavour and texture of this breakfast staple and enriches enhances fiber content.



Yep, you can still choose bacon. Make it low-carb, though.

DietDoctor.com shares a technique roughly 76% fat, 23% protein, and 2% carbs.


  • 2 eggs
  • 40 g bacon, in slices
  • cherry tomatoes
  • fresh parsley

First, fry the bacon in a pan till crispy. Set aside on a plate.

No need to add oil. Just fry the eggs in the bacon grease (scrambled or sunny side up). Then, cut the cherry tomatoes in half and fry them at the same time.

Season with salt and pepper to taste!

Try to find organic bacon at your local supermarket Treat yourself, puwede pa rin naman ang paminsang cheat day!



Skip the butter!

Yummy Magazine suggests, “Spread avocado on toast instead of butter.”

Fun fact: It’s a great source of healthy fats!

“When paired with a slice of multigrain bread and topped with a dash of sea salt and thinly sliced tomatoes, it makes for a filling meal.”



Jumpstart your day with EASY overnight oats or muesli!

In a jar or tupperware, pour the rolled oats. Spread evenly. Pour the milk. If possible, have them in equal parts. Microwave for 2-3 minutes. Let it settle. Refrigerate. Relax and catch some zZzs!

Before you leave in the morning, grab it from the fridge and go!

Note: You may top it with fruits in season such as strawberries, bananas, and the like.



Blueberries to shake the blues away!

It’s almost the weekend! How about some blueberry smoothie for the family?


13½ oz. coconut milk
¾ cup blueberries, fresh or frozen
1 tablespoon lemon juice
½ teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients in the blender till smooth.

DietDoctor.com suggests that using canned coconut milk (drain off the liquid) makes a creamier, more satisfying smoothie.

That’s it! Time to taste. You may add more lemon juice if desired.

Ooh! Isn’t it such a treat?

Never skip breakfast again!

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