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Losing weight takes time, but it’s worth the wait

Dave: “‘Yung challenge kasi hindi nagsisimula sa simula ng pagpapayat eh. Magsisimula siya sa pag-maintain ng pagpapayat.”

Dave John Crucena was one of the brave souls who conquered Capsinesis’ 30-Day Be Hot, Stay Hot Challenge in 2015. This transformation was led by our one and only, Coach Toni Saret.

Shedding 27.98 lbs. and 15 cms. around the waistline on the said contest, Crucena earned the Best in Weight Loss Category title.

Roughly two years after the competition, we caught up with Dave as he faces another chapter—life after grad. Millennials call it #adulting. So here’s to students struggling to lose weight: We suggest it’s best to start as early as NOW.

CAPSINESIS: What’s the most effective exercise or weight loss advice you can recommend to people who want to change their lifestyle?
DAVE CRUCENA: Jogging or running. Kahit na 30 minutes lang per day, it helps a lot. Eventually, padagdag na nang padagdag ang oras ng tinatakbo mo.
Dave has two words: START NOW.
So what made him change his ways? We asked the BS Information Systems fresh graduate, “What was the first step of your fitness journey?”

To which Dave responded, “Noong na-bully ako.” He sighed, but went on and shared, “And nung sinabihan ako ng Mama ko nung graduating student pa ako na kailangan maging maayos ako tingnan ‘pag nag-apply ng trabaho.”

Being fit to work is one of the crucial requirements in today’s competitive workforce, as we all know. “Mahihirapan daw kasi ako maghanap ng trabaho ‘pag malaki o mataba ako,” he humbly confessed.

C: Do you stick to a strict diet? Describe your ideal pre- (and) post-workout meal.

D: Before, noong nasa contest (Be Hot Challenge) ako, super strict diet pa. Ngayon, ‘di gaano, pero controlled diet na. Ina-apply ko pa rin ‘yung mga natutunan ko nung contest. Like every two hours dapat may food intake ka para hindi malayo yung agwat ng pag-intake mo ng food. Pero dapat snack lang like fruits or crackers. And pag-iwas sa processed food like ‘yung mga nasa lata, instant noodles, etc.

C: “Madaling simulan, mahirap ipagpatuloy.”
Para sa’yo, totoo ba ‘to? What’s your advice for beginners (whether it’s at home or a 6-month subscription at the gym)?

D: Yes, totoo siya. ‘Yung challenge kasi hindi nagsisimula sa simula ng pagpapayat eh. Magsisimula siya sa pag-maintain ng pagpapayat. Lalo na ‘pag ikaw ‘yung tipong tao na malaki ang katawan talaga. Huwag madaliin pumayat because it takes time talaga. Ika nga nila, there are no shortcuts para pumayat. You need a lot of patience and hardwork.

Dave definitely believes that fitness is a lifestyle—that it’s the result of discipline, hardwork, and consistency.
What else is in store for Dave after grad? He aspires to work in a renowned Information Technology (IT) company. Aside from that, he commits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “Continue ko ang pagtakbo at ang pag-control sa pagkain,” he shared.

Just a recap

In 2015, the Mapuan began the challenge weighing a total of 180 lbs. Towards the finale, he was only 153 lbs.
Without doubt, losing weight affects your perspective, self-esteem, and overall wellbeing. The promising programmer could not agree more.

For the young professional, weight loss earned him self-confidence.

“Before, wala akong tiwala sa sarili ko kasi nga overweight ako. Parang iniisip ko agad na ‘di ko kaya ‘yun kasi malaki ako, gano’n. ‘Yung tipong nahihiya ka humarap sa madaming tao kasi baka pagtawanan ka kasi mataba ka,” he reminisced with a hint of sadness.

This all changed when he placed his health as priority. It was a shift of perspective that Dave’s eternally grateful for. “Pero noong pumayat ako, nag-iba talaga ‘yung tingin ko sa sarili ko.”

And we know he meant this literally and figuratively.

“Kasi nagagawa ko na lahat ng gusto ko gawin and nasusuot ko na ‘yung mga damit na gusto kong suotin. Dati, kahit gusto ko ‘yung isang damit, hindi ko mabili kasi walang kasyang size sa akin,” he laughed.

To this day, Dave pays tribute to his trusty companion throughout his fitness journey. “Capsinesis is key.” Kailangan nga naman ng supplement na suportado ka sa weight loss program mo. He made the right choice.

What an inspiration.

Congrats on another milestone, Dave!

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