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Ah, we feel you. The terrors of night shift. How at first you thought long and hard if you were going to accept the offer because reality is – even with the great benefits, working on a different time-zone other than yours can be pretty exhausting. It can also cause several backlashes in your health. But hey, the pay is good. You don’t have to wake up early and rush, only to find yourself stuck in traffic with everyone else. Everything has its pros and cons, so why not, right? So after a few beers and thinking out loud with friends, you find yourself preparing for work in the wee hours of the morning.

Here you are, already doing the grind (or have been thinking for some time if you would like to do it), so congratulations! Go you! We know it’s not easy, and sometimes it gets a little bit too much for your health and sanity. It’s alright, we have come to help.

So hold our (virtual) hand, and let us guide you through some of the ways on how you can effortlessly keep your mind and body healthy through this reversed time of your life. You know what they say – Adaptation is key, honey.

Tip #1: WATER IS KING. It’s okay to drink alcohol, but always remember that everything should be taken in moderation. If you feel like you’ve had your fair share of alcoholic and sugary drinks, opt for the healthier option.

Tip #2: POWER NAPS. Take 10-15 minute naps during your shift. It will help boost your energy, and keep you awake. Do not overwork your mind!

Tip #3: MIDNIGHT SNACKING IS THE CULPRIT. Do. Not. Mindlessly. Give. In. To. Temptations. We know, eating pork sisig and rice at 4 in the morning with coffee is as comfortable as hotel bed sheets. It feels like hugs and kisses. Snacks turned into full meals. Of course, sometimes, you can treat yourself. Just remember to not go overboard.

Tip #4: QUENCH YOUR THIRST. Cigarettes, caffeine, and savory food keep us awake – but sometimes, just drinking water can flush away your hunger. When we’re way past our bedtime, our bodies read thirst as hunger. So before you eat, make sure that you have enough water in your body. Download an app that monitors your water drinking. We can never emphasize this enough.

Tip #5: TAKE SUPPLEMENTS. Capsinesis helps in crushing your midnight cravings, speeds up your metabolism, and boosts your energy to help you focus more and avoid losing your focus while you’re on duty. It also helps in flushing away toxins that we mindlessly take.

Working your first night shift requires a lot of getting used to, but the key is to develop habits that keep you healthy and in shape – physically and mentally. Don’t worry, you will learn a lot from this stint in your life.

Good luck!

*Capsinesis is made from cayenne pepper, green tea, and wild berries (bignay)

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