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“Don’t eat rice.”
“Stay away from pasta.”
“Never, ever eat white bread.”
“Sugar yan, teh!”
“Go on a zero-carb diet.”
“Akala ko ba nagda-diet ka, bakit kumakain ka na naman?”

We often hear these things when we say we want to lose weight. In which we want to reply, “Can’t you just mind your own business?” It’s a wonder why ruthlessly comment on everything nowadays. Ang hirap kaya magpapayat kapag jina-judge ka.

Pero ano nga ba talaga ang totoo tungkol dito? With the Philippines being a top producer of grain, masasabing mo bang Pinoy ka talaga kung hindi ka kumakain ng kanin? Besides, with all the savory ulam in our houses – duh, nakakagutom kaya.

So we’re here to provide you with a simple run-down on the truth about carbohydrates. Are they really bad for your body, and should we really stay away from them – at all costs?

  • Carbs are important and our body actually needs them. Sometimes, even if the goal is to lose weight, carbohydrates do play an essential role in this equation.
  • There are good carbs and bad carbs, like how there’s good fats and bad fats. Automatically saying that all carbs are bad for you, which would eventually lead to deprivation of all the filling goodness can really take its toll on the body.
  • Instead of processed carbohydrates goods like our old beloved friend instant noodles (Sorry, self), choose carbs full of fiber like oatmeal, monggo, and fruits.
  • You can replace fast carbs (white rice, white bread, bakery goods) with whole-wheat grains like brown or red (or black, if you’re feeling pretty adventurous) rice, whole-wheat pasta, and the like. Wag matakot mag-try!

Eating healthy is not scary at all. It’s about time we see past this stigma. Going on a good diet and deciding to lose weight does not mean starvation, mga bes. Kaya bago ka magpakagutom today at mag binge-eat the next day, try these carb alternatives first.

Good luck! Balitaan mo kami ha. J

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