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Eating healthy sounds scary, but it shouldn’t be! We’re here to help you simplify your eating habits na hindi hassle, expensive, o mahirap gawin.

Sa totoo lang, you can easily boost up your daily diet with loads of healthy protein. Having a tight food budget shouldn’t be a hindrance, because some of the greatest sources of healthy protein can be found in the palengke and grocery. We just have to know which ones to buy and play around with, that’s why the most important part is gathering information. Baka nga may mga healthy food items ka dyan sa ref mo, naoverlook mo lang.

  1. Eggs

All-time favourite! Sunny side-up or scrambled, which do you prefer? The advisable intake for adults is 1-2 eggs per day. Oh, wait. Silog sounds good, right? (Brown rice sinangag, please!)

  1. Soy

Soy is just tokwa, and tokwa takes on a lot of forms. From soymilk to the sumptuous sizzling tokwa sisig, it’s one of the most flexible ingredients around, so you’re free to explore! The rise of soymilk has helped us all take an easy route in satisfying our protein needs. It’s also quite popular among gym-goers as a pre or post workout drink.

  1. Milk, cheese, yogurt

Drinking milk doesn’t stop at 10 years old. As adults, we still need to drink milk regularly to help ensure the strength of our bones. Include cheese and yogurt in your list of grocery items, and when you feel like nibbling on something, just grab a cup of yogurt instead.

  1. Seafood

Fish is a great source of protein because of the low levels of fat. The Philippines being a tropical country, we were blessed with fishes of all types and sizes that are readily available in the market. Can you believe that our cult favorite daing na bangus is actually good for the body? Cook up some monggo with malunggay, pair with leftover fish for more flavour, and voila!

Knowing which types of food to eat for our #bodygoals is very important, and it’s our job to do the research for you.

Good luck! Balitaan mo kami ha. J

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