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What do the terms underweight, overweight, normal, and obese really mean? Sure, sometimes we hear these terms from people. “Grabe, nakita mo na ba si *insert name of a friend* ngayon? Obese na siya.”

However, this is wrong. We can’t always assume that a person is obese just because he has a large built, or a person is underweight just because he is really lean and doesn’t seem to have any bilbil bulging out. It helps to understand what these things really mean.

In layman’s terms, underweight is when you are below a weight considered normal; overweight is when you are above a weight considered normal, normal is well – just normal (tamang-tama lang, kumbaga), and being obese is having obesity, a condition where one has so much body fat, that it is beyond what is normal and needed.

One of the tools we can use to find out where we fall in these four categories is called the BMI, or Body Mass Index.

What is Body Mass Index?

It is simply a measure of body fat based on your weight in relation to your height, and applies to most adult men and women.

We’ve linked a BMI calculator for you, so just plug in your current weight and height, and you’ll find out under which category you belong. We also included a table down below for your easy breezy reference.

We hope you got good results! If not, walang problemang hindi kayang solusyonan, bes. Kaya nga kami nandito, diba? It is our job to help you through.

Good luck! Balitaan mo kami ha. J

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