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This is is a follow-up article about the popular diet trend called Ketogenic Diet. As we’ve mentioned in the (link) previous article, this type of diet is favored by a lot of Hollywood personalities because of its rapid results – including our favorites Kim K and Adriana Lima.

So we now know that one of Keto’s effects is it can help prolong one’s lifespan and in a way, suspend aging.

Okay, okay. We get it.

But does it work? Like, really work? And is it worth trying?

Being a high-fat diet, most of your energy will be acquired from the amount of fat that you will take in. It suspends other food sources, kaya fat ang gagamitin na main source of energy ng katawan mo. Because of the utterly low carbohydrates intake, scientists say – sure ang mabilisan mong pagpayat.

But maintaining that? That’s the challenge.

Like all types of diet, Keto has its own pros and cons, and we believe na dapat alam mo muna ang mga ito bago ka sumabak.

Being a very strict diet, Keto has numerous restrictions, and you might seriously miss out on a lot of healthy food that will do great for your body! Fruits and vegetables, dairy foods, grain, carbohydrates (such as breads, cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes) – these are all limited.

According to the DAA (Dieticians Association of Australia), who did a thorough study of the Keto diet, this could also mean an increased risk of bowel cancer in the long term. The fiber intake your body needs to process your meals are all limited.

Our advice is to have a diet tailored especially for you because our bodies are all different. Sometimes, our bodies would react to certain diets; and sometimes they won’t. Refrain from jumping into diet trends and doing stuff just because it’s uso, until you can be certain of its effects at kaya mo na rin tantsahin ang magiging epekto sa katawan mo.

Self love above every diet trend. With all the work that we do everyday, mahirap magpakagutom, no!

Anong masasabi mo?

Good luck! Balitaan mo kami ha. J

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