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For centuries, cayenne pepper has been used for health purposes by different cultures. Cayenne pepper is high in vitamin A. It also contains vitamin B6, E, and C, riboflavin, potassium, and manganese. Aside from its known appetite suppressant, thermogenic, and natural fat-burning properties, cayenne pepper also has other health benefits.

Promotes heart health & prevents hyper tension

Regulates the flow of blood in the body and balances the body’s LDL cholesterol and triglycerides which keeps the blood pressure levels normalized

Digestive aid

Stimulates the digestive tract increasing the flow of enzymes and gastric juices and stimulates the production of saliva, an important key to excellent digestion and maintaining optimal oral health

Arthritic pain relief

Works on the sensory nerves and relieves pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis

Anti-irritant properties

Ability to ease upset stomach, ulcers, sore throats, spasmodic and irritating coughs, and diarrhea

Detox support

With anti-oxidant properties, it increases the pulse of our lymphatic and digestive rhythms and causes us to sweat, another important process of detoxification

Useful for blood clots

Helps reduce atherosclerosis, encourages fibrinolytic activity and prevents factors that lead to the formation of blood clots

With its many health benefits, CAYENNE PEPPER
is definitely not your ordinary pepper.




Improves brain function

Green tea contains caffeine less than coffee but enough to energize and improve brain function when combined with amino acid L-theanine.

Kills bacteria

The catechins in green tea may inhibit the growth of bacteria and some viruses. This can lower the risk of infections and lead to improvements in dental health, a lower risk of caries, and reduced bad breath.

Increases fat burning

Green tea has been shown to boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning. It is particularly effective at reducing the dangerous abdominal fat.

Lowers risk of various diseases

Green tea has powerful antioxidants that may protect against cancer. It also causes mild reductions in blood sugar levels, lowering the risk of developing type II diabetes in the long run.




Good for internal organs

Bignay is good for internal organs like the colon and liver. It is a well-known natural colon cleanser, eliminating unwanted toxins in the body. It is also known to lower the levels of SGOP and SGPT to keep the liver healthier.

Relieves constipation

Bignay, when consumed in large quantities, renders a laxative effect. In a controlled way, it offers relief from constipation.

Natural source of antioxidants

The natural anti-oxidative properties of Bignay enable it to fight against the free radicals present in the human body.

Improves immune system

It peps up your metabolisms levels. The better the metabolism levels, the lower the infections will be.

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