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Five brave souls weathered the challenge of pursuing the Capsinesis 30-day Be Hot Challenge.
Guided by no other than fitness coach Toni Saret, Capsinesis Be Hot Challenge transformed and brought back the hot in these 5 participants.

Real people, real results 

30-Day Be Hot Challenge started with 20 participants. Guided by Coach Toni, these Be Hot hopefuls went through rigorous fitness trainings that tested their courage, ndurance, and determination. Out of the fire, they – name, name, name, name, and name, emerged as the TOP 5.

Be Hot Top 5

Dave Crucena

Dave takes the bumpy but rewarding road to health and fitness. Shedding 27.98 lbs. and 15 cms. around the waistline, he earned the Best in Weight Loss Category title.

Gina Ylarde
Administrative Assistant

Gina stays fits while balancing family and career. She shed 31 lbs., lost 12 cms. around the waistline, and won the Best in Transformation category.

Lyn Briones

Dra. Lyn gets rid of her hypertension the natural way. She also lost 23 lbs. and shed 11.5 cms. around her waistline, earning her the second runner-up spot in the Weight Loss Category.

Delfin Fontanar

Delfin lost 5 lbs. on Day 1 and shed 18 lbs. at the end of the challenge. He also lost 16 cms. around the waistline and emerged first runner-up in the Transformation Category.

Rose Tejada
TV Production Assistant

Rose Ann gets a sexy body for her wedding day. 30 days in the challenge, she reduced her weight to 100 lbs., her waistline to 72 cms., and emerged first runner-up of the weight loss category.

Be inspired

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