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Fat-burner and appetite suppressant!
If you want to lose weight or maintain your weight, Capsinesis is right for you. Very affordable and safe to use.”

Rose Ann Tejada-Panoncillo, fitness enthusiast
and Capsinesis ambassador

“Capsinesis keeps me HOT!”

Alma Concepcion,
beauty queen, endorser,
TV personality,
& Capsinesis ambassador

“I really need Capsinesis now for my sore throat! Yes, cayenne pepper also helps heal sore throats.”

Kit Kat, actress, TV personality
and Capsinesis ambassador

“Because of Capsinesis, I didn’t feel hunger pangs that often anymore. 
I felt like I was sweating it out in a sauna every time I worked out. I was able to burn more calories that way. And because of my transformation, my fiancee fell more inlove with me!”

Delfin Fontanar, Salesman, father-to-be, and
1st runner-up in 30-Day Be Hot Challenge

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